Hi-Lux Metallic Yarn



Metallic Yarn Manufactuer HI-LUX®   


As the leading manufactuer and exporter of metallic yarn, HI-LUX®,the quality

product  served  by  technology ,  is   now  associated worldwide with  creative

innovation over range of products that encompass find super softnes at one end

of the spectrum and wide slit yarns for industrial purpses and others.


Base on the normal products, M type , MX type , MH type,  ST type , We

developed more new products, for example SF type (super-soft),Pure silver

Embroidery  thread ,  Flourescent  Gold  Embroidery  Thread etc.  ,  Our main

market is Italy, Germany, Denmark, Brazail, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt,  etc.,  all over

the world. Our products are used width weaving to narrow ribbons, military regalia,

embroidery, braids, socks, knitting, cords,  ropes , twisting,  trimmings and leavers

laces, surface liner, gimp decoration,  dishwahser etc.. In  the  meanwhile,  we can

match the colors and do the samples as per customers' designs and samples.


We are always your best friend and supply high quality  metallic  yarn  with compe-

titive price,  fast delivery.  Good  working  relationship   with top designers in New

York, Paris, London, Milan enables Hi-Lux ® to lead the fashion trends and guide

you to develop the new designs.       


Telephone: 86-535-2911625 EMail: SALES@METALLIC-YARN.COM